Fake Tapers and Plugs

fplug_2Fake Tapers and Plugs

Stretching a piercing is a commitment since once you hit the “point of no return”, 10mm and up, your piercing will not return to its standard size. For those who want the look of wearing gauge and tapers without stretching your ears, the fake tapers and plugs are the next best option. Each fake plugs or tapers fit into any standard size ear piercing but are designed so they look like the real thing. Some of the jewelries even come with o-rings to really sell the entire design.


If you are interested in seeing some more, Hollywood Body Jewelry has your favorite colors, prints, and any other design that you could possibly think of. Our non-piercing/fake tapers and plugs comes in sizes 14g-18g as well as in magnetic or clip-on.

Fake Tapers by Hollywood Body Jewelry