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T23H02 Spikes Grade 23 Solid Titanium Horseshoes


Circular barbells are also known as horsehoe barbells. Circular barbells are most commonly found in eyebrows, nose (septum piercings), nipple, navel, ear lobes, ear cartilage, cheek, tongue, and genital piercings. There are many different types and diameters to suit the various types of piercings. Circular barbells are usually heavier than captive bead rings especially because of the balls, and so it may not be a good idea to use it for all types of new piercing. A barbell is a trendy piece of jewelry worn in body piercing. Barbells can either be straight or curved. They usually have small balls or beads at each end to keep the jewelry in place. The beads can usually be unscrewed from one or both ends for ease of wearing and removal.


HA52 Aurora Borealis Coating Over Splash Acrylic Balls 316L Surgical Steel Horseshoe


Circular barbells are the preferred jewelry option for most types of piercing as they are easy to fit and look extremely stylish. Head over to Hollywood Body Jewelry and check out the many styles we carry. Wholesale Only.

Shine Bright like a Diamond…

.925 sterling silver jewelry

Silver Nose Rings by Hollywood Body Jewelry


Sterling silver is only .925% silver and contains other metals that can cause irritation on fresh piercings, so it is not recommended for body jewelry, but a very popular type of metal for accessories. Sterling silver is recommended for well-established earlobe piercings only, and short-term wear. Toe Rings, Necklace, Pendants being the most popular type of jewelry using Sterling Silver.


Sterling Silver by Hollywood Body Jewelry


Hollywood Body Jewelry offers the best pieces of Sterling Silver jewelry in various styles, sizes, and many more.

Help! How to open Captive Bead Ring

CBR Opening Pliers by Hollywood Body Jewelry


How to open Captive bead rings?!! Everyone has been through this once while owning a Captive Bead Ring, the amount of anger trying to get them to open and close, and not going the way you want them to. Tired of going to a Piercing Shop just to change out your body jewelry, or using a tool as an alternative. So, if you have a lot of piercings and plan on changing your jewelry often, I would strongly suggest that you invest in some Tools made just for body jewelry. A lot of people end up hurting themselves or ruining their jewelry using tools that are not made for body jewelry. They can make scratches in the metal, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is very important that the surface of the ring does not get scratched!! If you consider using a tool like a needle-nosed pliers, make sure you do know what your doing.


CBR Closing Pliers by Hollywood Body Jewelry


Fact: Wrap the needle-nose pliers with some kind of soft tape such as electrical or masking if you are using an Needle-nosed pliers for your Captive Bead Rings.

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