Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet



We’re well into 2018, and it’s about time to talk about the Color of the Year. Since 2000, Pantone dedicates a whole year to a specific color. You know the whole rose quartz craze still going on? You guessed it, it was Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2016. This year, Pantone has revealed the Color of the Year to be Ultra Violet, and we are already seeing beautiful jewelry of the color.

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Gold vs Silver Jewelry


One size does not fill all, especially when it comes to jewelry. That one earring that looked terrific on your friend might not suit you the best, or your favorite ring might not work on someone else. So how do you know which piece of jewelry to choose? Finding jewelry that suits your skin undertone will help you enhance your look. Not sure what your undertone is? No worries, we got you! Continue reading to find out!

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Spinner Ring

Spinner Rings

Spinner Rings by HBJ

A trending jewelry everyone should have in their collections has to be the spinner rings. The spinner rings have an outer decorated band which spins around the inner ring part. The inner ring is stable while the outer ring can be rotated. Spinner rings were used in the past to reduce the tension levels and anxiety of the user, and in several researches revealed that “playing/spinning” with the ring in repetitive motion helps to calm the mind, these rings are also called prayer rings or anxiety rings, and also great for keeping active hands busy.

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