The history of Friendship Days…

History of Friendship Day

Friendship Navel Rings

As July is fading, we are approaching the Friendship Day, which takes place on the first Sunday of August annually. This special holiday was originally founded by Hallmark in 1919 and it was a day for people to celebrate their friendships. The tradition of Friendship Day was cut short because of the Great Depression and the economic downfall of America.

Friendship RingsIn 1998, Winnie the Pooh was named the ambassador of friendship at the UN and the tradition of the Friendship Day continues. The observation of Friendship day is to dedicate a day in appreciation for your friends by sending out cards and gifts. Exchanges are especially popular this time of the month.

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Titanium Body Jewelry

Grade 23 Solid Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium Body JewelryTitanium has become the metal of choice in the body jewelry industry because of its superior machinability, lighter weight, and its hypoallergenic properties. Titanium is the ideal material for individuals sensitive to other materials.

Titanium Barbells by Hollywood Body Jewelry

Titanium can be polished to a high luster resembling that of 316L implant grade stainless steel. Titanium body jewelry can also have color added through the electrolytic passivation, also known as anodizing. Anodizing is a process whereby an electrical current is passed through the metal, which then builds oxides on the surface of the metal. When light is refracted through this oxidized film, a wide spectrum of vivid metallic colors are seen.

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Fake Tapers and Plugs

fplug_2Fake Tapers and Plugs

Stretching a piercing is a commitment since once you hit the “point of no return”, 10mm and up, your piercing will not return to its standard size. For those who want the look of wearing gauge and tapers without stretching your ears, the fake tapers and plugs are the next best option. Each fake plugs or tapers fit into any standard size ear piercing but are designed so they look like the real thing. Some of the jewelries even come with o-rings to really sell the entire design.


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Fake Tapers by Hollywood Body Jewelry