Ear Plug & Gauges 101 – Hollywood Body Jewelry

A plug, also known as ear plug, earspool, or ear gauges, is a short, cylindrical piece of jewelry commonly worn in larger-gauge body piercings. Our quality plugs are made of assorted quality materials.  Sometimes they come in acrylic, stainless steel, wood, bone, stone, horn, glass, and even silicone. In order for a plug to stay inserted within a piercing the end of the plugs are either fastened in place by O-rings or they are flared outwards.


  • A double-flared plug, also known as saddle plugs, is thinner towards the middle and flares outward at both ends. No O-rings are necessary. They are usually harder to insert and usually feel a size bigger.
  • A single-flared plug has one flared end. The other end is normally held in place by an O-ring and may sometimes be grooved. Fortunately, unlike the double-flared plugs, they are easier to insert and will not stretch your ears any further.
  • A straight plug has no flared ends. The plug is kept in place by sliding an O-ring against both ends of the plug to prevent the accessory from falling out.

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Navel Piercing 101 – Hollywood Body Jewelry

A navel piercing, also referred to as a belly piercing, is a piercing located in or around the navel area. The healing process is similar to any standard ear piercings, and unlike most body piercings, navel piercings have a lower chance to be rejected by the body. This, however, does not mean you can just leave the piercing as is without any aftercare. The healing process normally takes 1-2 months for the navel piercing to be fully healed and depending on how your body reacts, it may take longer.

Most of Hollywood Body Jewelry’s navel rings are crafted with high quality, 316L surgical grade steel, but they also come in 14kt gold, acrylic, Bioplast, and PTFE.


There are a few basic styles of belly piercing jewelries that you’ll want to know about before shopping. We carry banana bells (barbells), dangles, CBR’s, spirals, and more!


Hollywood Body Jewelry also carries Bio Flex maternity rings. These rings are made of soft, flexible material which makes maternity rings fit comfortably. These are ideal options for soon-to-be mothers who want to maintain their navel piercings during their pregnancy term.


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Hollywood Body Jewelry – Playboy Branded Body Jewelry

Playboy Jewelry by Hollywood Body JewelryHere is a quick announcement. Exclusive Playboy body jewelry and stainless steel designs will be making their way into Hollywood Body Jewelry. Just glancing at our production line I can assure you that these look awesome. We got some super cool items coming out, especially my favorite, the plugs with the prints.

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