What is Stretching the ears?


  1. 1.1 What is stretching the ears?
    Stretching ears are progressively increasing the size of a piercing that is done on the earlobe. Normally, in most cases, the initial size of the hole is 1.6mm. This process takes place through the gradual insertion of the fully healed piercing by a larger size body jewelry. If stretching is carried our properly, you can get the right size hole you were aiming for. Take into account that stretch ears should not be carried to such a large size all at once.
  2. 1.2 How often can you increase the size of jewelry? earblow
    Before you begin the process of stretching your ears, your piercings has to be fully healed. When you think it’s fully healed, wait for about another 2-3 weeks before you start the stretching process. Never Never Ever start stretching on a fresh piercing!!!!

    A good rule that you should stick to, is to increase the size of 1mm per month. This will prevent irritation and for your skin to adjust to the new size, or even worse, a possible blowout like you see on the picture.
  3. 1.3 What is the maximum size of jewelery where there is a chance that the ear will return to the state before stretching?
    Every body is different, there is no single rule. Most, however, exceeding the limit of 6-8 mm could cause that after removing the jewelry ear will not return to the state before stretching.

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Stretching your Ears 101

How to stretch using ear tapers

Ear tapers are a common tool/type of body jewelry used for stretching ear piercings. Tapers are widely used for stretching but also being worn as a long-term jewelry, which is not recommended. The material can be too heavy or may not be suitable for long term wear, and may put pressure on and irritate a freshly stretched piercing. Tapers should only be used for stretching and immediately replaced with the proper size jewelry. Like many types of body jewelry, tapers/expanders are also available in lots of different materials from 316L stainless steel, titanium, acrylic, organic materials, or even glass. If you’re using a taper for stretching, the safest material to use is a metal such as surgical-grade stainless steel or titanium, since they can be completely sterilized by autoclaving.

Tapers by Hollywood Body Jewelry

The long cylindrical type of taper is the most commonly used for stretching. These tapers can come with different features, such as concave backs that transition more easily to your new jewelry, or threaded tapers that can screw into internally threaded barbells.

There are other types of tapers available to wear as normal jewelry in stretched piercings, like circular tapers (often called pinchers or crescents) or spiral tapers (sometimes just called twists or spirals). These are great to wear as normal jewelry in healed piercings, but aren’t recommended for stretching with for some of the reasons listed above. It can also be easy to stretch too quickly with this type of jewelry.


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