Navel Ring Sizing Guide


A complete guide to navel rings!! A piercing chart can help you figure out which piece of body jewelry is the best fit for you. Have you always wanted to know what exactly the body jewelry measurements listed next to a belly button ring mean? A piercing size chart can do that. Measuring body jewelry sizes does not have to be a mystery any longer with this easy to use belly ring size chart. Knowing the proper body jewelry gauge sizes and measurements, such as the belly button ring lengths, makes shopping for body jewelry easier. To better understand the terms associated with navel ring sizes and where exactly a measurement is located on your belly button ring, we present you with this new belly button ring size chart.


As navel piercings have grown in popularity, so have the types of unique navel rings. The 3 most popular navel rings are listed below. These are just 3 of the more popular navel rings style from the many other types of styles to choose from such as twisted, spiral, etc.

  1. Top Down, have jewelry hanging from the top of the piercing rather than the bottom.
  2. Non-Dangle are your basic navel ring that has a ornament/charm instead of the bottom ball/gem or vice versa.
  3. Dangle, add style and glamour to plain navel rings by having a ornament/charm hanging from the bottom ball/gem.

How to hide my piercings

Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

One of the main concerns people have about facial and body piercings is how noticeable it can be while your at work or school. There are ways to hide the piercings, but i think it is important to be realistic – it is impossible to make your piercings completely invisible, especially your ears at larger sizes. There are however plenty of ways to make your piercings more discrete and acceptable to employers and judgmental family members. First off, don’t get them, if you know your work place or school does not allow any piercings, it is wise to not get them pierced in the first place. If you decide to just ignore it and get them pierced anyway, you can use retainers for your piercings. They have retainers for your nose, lip, and tongue. For your ears, you can use solid silicone flesh plugs/tunnels, but as the sizes get bigger, it is harder to hide them.

Curved Retainers

Acrylic Bio Flex

Double Flare Plugs? Don’t force them in…

How to insert double flare plugs


Many people have the problem of not being able to fit in their double flare plugs if they have never worn them before. Now exactly what are double flared plugs? Double flared plugs is a plug that has flares on both ends, making the flares slightly larger than the actual center. Double flared plugs are very popular and are totally fine to wear but they can sometimes be a pain to get them in. The best way is to use lubrications, such as jojoba oil, it will help to get them in and out easily. Also you do not want to insert them straight, but with an angle. Inserting them at a slight angle gives them enough leverage to pop them in easily.

organic tunnels

On sizes under 0 gauge however, they will often require you to stretch slightly larger to be able to fit them through. The larger you stretch, the easier double flares will be able to get in, so the smaller sizes are a lot harder to get through. If you are trying to fit a set of double flares in that are under 0 gauge then it’s good to try doing a little tape wrapping (see info on the tape wrapping method above) to help loosen up your ears a bit and get the plugs in. – Hollywood Body Jewelry – WHOLESALE ONLY!