The Display is The Key!

As a business owner or manager, you know that the key to the continued success of your business is sales. The faster you move products out the door, the more money you make. While most shops make a few mistakes, including buying too many of a certain product or paying too much for a product, those companies move those items out the door with clearance sales. Learning what makes an effective jewelry display can help you highlight the body jewelry you sell and make customers excited about buying those items.

Types of Jewelry Displays

There are several different displays that you can use for jewelry in your shop. If you had problems with shoplifters in the past, consider purchasing a secure lock box display. Made from glass, plexiglass, or a plastic material, these cases are completely clear, but the boxes feature a locking mechanism and a key. Customers can easily see the jewelry you have for sale, but they can’t access those products without your permission. Counter displays are another option, and these displays often let you show off dozens of pieces of jewelry. With a tray display, you can bring out a large number of rings or spikes to show your customers. Some shops also use rotating displays that let customers spin the display to see items all the way around the rack.

show-case with jewelryChoosing the Right Display

The right type of display often depends on the type of shop you run. Retail stores do best with rotating displays and lock boxes, while tattoo and piercing studios do better with counter displays and trays.

When learning what makes an effective jewelry display, you also need to consider the lighting. A small light placed inside the display highlights the body jewelry and draws the eyes of customers, which is especially important if your shop is darker or has fewer lights. A spotlight placed inside a larger case lets you focus their eyes on the pieces you need to sell quickly or your more expensive pieces. Customers may even find themselves spending more than they intended because of those lights.

The right display and the right lighting can help you move body jewelry out the door faster than you thought possible.