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labret piercing, also referred to as a “tongue pillar”, is located just below the bottom lip, above the chin. The word labret comes from its Latin roots, labrum, which means lip. The common gauge size for a labret is 14 but the standard is not limited to that. Sizes can vary due to practices of stretching, placements, and style. Labrets can come in different types of ornament, such as gems, ball, spikes, studs, rings, and etc.

Ornament Ferido Ball Gem and Spike

Monroe piercings, for example, are the perforation of the upper lip where labret studs worn on the upper lip resembles Marilyn Monroe’s famous beauty mark. You can use the same piece of jewelry for both the Monroe piercings and the labret piercings. Monroe piercings and labret piercings are becoming more and more popular because they create a very pleasing aesthetic.

Labrets and Monroes

Make sure to use the right type of jewelry and to take extra care of your piercing. Due to both piercings being located so close to the mouth, it is important to be be very cautious while in the healing process. Hygiene becomes an important factor in the healing process. For example, brushing your teeth more frequently avoiding smoking can reduce the healing process period. Mouthwashes can also help reduce swelling and also decrease the healing process period. Depending on the person the healing process may vary, sometimes taking approximately six weeks or more to fully heal.

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