Hollywood Body Jewelry Has the Best Selection of Body Jewelry

Whether you work in a tattoo parlor, a piercing studio, or a simple jewelry store, you can bring in new customers when you purchase wholesale body jewelry. Available at low prices, you can easily make money on each piece you sell, and the more you buy, the lower that price drops. When looking for new jewelry online, you’ll often come across stores that claim to offer wholesale pricing, but those stores often require that you spend thousands of dollars or charge higher rates than you could find elsewhere. Before buying from any other site, find out why you should buy from Hollywood Body Jewelry.

Large Selection

No matter what you need for your store, you can find it from Hollywood Body Jewelry. As the largest provider of wholesale body jewelry on the web, shoppers keep coming back for the affordable prices and ample choices. Barbells, tongue rings, navel rings, and nose rings are just a few of the more popular options. Other products include nipple rings, spikes, cartilage and tragus pieces, curved barbells, and pieces designed for the monroe, labret, or lip. You’ll also find costume jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, and titanium jewelry. A large population of people cannot use gold or silver due to allergies, but those shoppers can use titanium.

Just Starting Out or Looking to Make a Change?

Did you recently open a new shop? Do you own an existing shop and want to appeal to more people? Hollywood Body Jewelry has just what you need. Instead of buying a few types of this jewelry and a few types of that, save money with bulk pack jewelry. You’ll receive multiple pieces in different colors that will “Wow!” your customers. You can also save with package deals. If you want to change the look of your shop, invest in a few display pieces. A secure lock box will keep your more expensive pieces away from shoplifters, while a rotating display lets shoppers browse all the pieces you have for sale. With counter top displays, tray displays, and other displays, you can show off all your wholesale body jewelry.

Browse our selection today and find those pieces that will help complete your inventory.