Gold vs Silver Jewelry


One size does not fill all, especially when it comes to jewelry. That one earring that looked terrific on your friend might not suit you the best, or your favorite ring might not work on someone else. So how do you know which piece of jewelry to choose? Finding jewelry that suits your skin undertone will help you enhance your look. Not sure what your undertone is? No worries, we got you! Continue reading to find out!

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The Different Types of Nose Jewelry

Bones and StudsNostril Screw Nose Rings

When selecting a nose ring, there are many different styles and colors to choose from. Many nose rings feature small real or faux gemstones in a variety of different colors. Others may have a metal end formed into a shape, like a flower or heart, while others may feature just a small metal ball. Some nose rings come with glow in the dark or UV-activated adornments, phrases, or initials. The ideal nose ring adornments are a matter of personal preference.  These are just a few of the many other popular nose jewelry. You can go visit for more!