Popular Types of Wood for Organic Body Jewelry

Organic Body Jewelry


Areng Ebony Wood – is a stunningly stark black wood, due to this rich black colour there is very little visible grain streaks.

Sono Wood – is a large hardwood tree that grows up to 40m tall and is often planted in public areas as its wide and dense canopy providing a great area of shades. The leaves are mostly used in infusions as shampoos and are also good for waxing and polishing brass and copper. The wood itself is a wonderful dark brown color with subtle dark streaks, and the texture can be polished to an amazingly smooth glossy finish.

Sawo Wood – is a beautiful wood that has a natural, vibrant brown, almost red colour.  It has delicate darker brown streaking and is a very dense smooth textured wood. Due to the dense, solid nature of Sawo Wood it can be hand-carved into incredibly detailed plugs.

Crocodile Wood – is an amazing light wood, which is a natural cream/beige colour. It has very light natural streaking in the grain which really increases its aesthetics. It has a nice smooth texture and is very light, so your ear stretches won’t be weighed down even in larger sizes.

How to clean Organic body jewelry


The best thing to do when you first receive organic wood plugs or tunnels is to oil them with jojoba oil.  Jojoba is a natural oil that will help to preserve and maintain the rich color of the wood.  Oiling prevents cracking and can be frequently applied.  If there is any detail carving, oil will enhance the image.

Wood is a fragile material, and even the larger sizes may break or crack if dropped.  In addition, wood should not be exposed to water, at least for extensive periods of time.  We don’t recommend showering or swimming with your wood jewelry.

Our experience has been that wood is not as prone to warping as horn.  It is lighter weight than both horn and bone and is comfortable to wear.

In most cases wood earrings or ear plugs are much better for your skin and body and with our fantastic designs there is always something for everyone




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