Getting your first piercings

Getting a piercing can be both exciting and rewarding. However, in order to ensure that you won’t regret your decision, it is important to select one that is right for you, and that will make you the most comfortable. Now the first thing you have to think about is, will my school allow facial piercing? will my work allow me to keep it on? You do not want to get them pierced and your work or school makes you take them off, because you do need to keep them on till its fully healed or your new piercings that you’ve always wanted will close up or get infected. Honestly, these days a lot of workplaces allow you to have tattoos and piercings. For example Banks, not all, but some allow them, even Managers, General Managers, Executives are seen with tattoos or piercings.


You can always wear the bio-flex retainers to hide your initial piercing, available at Hollywood Body Jewelry.

Hide your piercings

Retainers by Hollywood Body jewelry

What’s PTFE? PTFE is short for Polytetrafluoroethylene and is more commonly known as Teflon. PTFE is a type of fluoropolymer which has numerous applications including flexible body piercing jewelry. PTFE body jewelry is perfect for hiding, and those who are allergic to metal/nickel.

  • It is a unique, medically approved plastic that is far superior to all other forms of plastic body jewelry.
  • Fully bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic. It helps heal troubling piercings faster.
  • It minimizes irritation and maximizes style.
  • Its high Flexible! It moves with the body for maximum comfort and durability. Perfect for active and physical people.
  • Easy to clean, and adjustable, use a scissor or a blade to adjust to your desired length.

PTFE and Flexible Jewelries By Hollywood Body Jewelry

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How to hide your piercings – Ninja Style

Flesh Tunnels and Plugs


One of the main concerns people have about facial and body piercings is how noticeable it can be while your at work or school. There are ways to hide the piercings, but i think it is important to be realistic – it is impossible to make your piercings completely invisible, especially your ears at larger sizes. There are however plenty of ways to make your piercings more discrete and acceptable to employers and judgmental family members. First off, don’t get them, if you know your work place or school does not allow any piercings, it is wise to not get them pierced in the first place. If you decide to just ignore it and get them pierced anyway, you can use retainers for your piercings. They have retainers for your nose, lip, and tongue. For your ears, you can use solid silicone flesh plugs/tunnels, but as the sizes get bigger, it is harder to hide them.


Curved Retainers


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Acrylic Bio Flex