Disposable And Non-Disposable Piercing Tools

Traditionally an autoclave sterilizer was considered to be a must-have piece of equipment that every tattoo/piercing studio owned. The amount of time the tattooists, piercers, and even their apprentices would spend hours getting them prepped for the autoclave. The sterilizers would run their cycle, making the tools and the body jewelry’s safe for use on the clients. Over the past years a vast array of products adapted from the medical and dental industries, and have improved with the cleaning regiment. More and more products have been popping up to help clean more safely and efficiently. Stainless Steel tools were the only option, but now many pre-sterile, single use, individually packaged tools can now be added to their list of tools.



Slotted Pen Disposable Forceps


Tattooist and piercers are now introduced to a wide variety of tools which saves them time and money. We have seen tattoo/piercing studios using all disposable equipment, and as their main front advertisements on their shops, although some are sticking to their roots by doing what they’ve been doing, and that is to use the autoclave sterilizer. So your wondering is it safe if your piercer is using the disposable tools? Honestly using the old way (autoclave sterilize) or the new way(disposables), it doesn’t really matter as long as the tools they use, and the body jewelry has been fully sterilized.

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