Jewelry Trends of 2020 – Tragus

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Welcome back!

As you know, we’re continuing to discuss some of the trendiest body jewelry styles for this year 2020.

Today we have the subtle, yet very stylish tragus piercing. Unlike traditional lobe piercings, this unique cartilage piercing is sure to appeal to anyone, because sometimes the most subtle things are what makes the biggest statements.

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It’s Summertime! (well, almost)



It is never too early to start getting ready for the next season. Summer is approaching soon and boy, are we ready! And what better way is there than to celebrate this Summer than with some insanely cute body jewelry.
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Gold vs Silver Jewelry


One size does not fill all, especially when it comes to jewelry. That one earring that looked terrific on your friend might not suit you the best, or your favorite ring might not work on someone else. So how do you know which piece of jewelry to choose? Finding jewelry that suits your skin undertone will help you enhance your look. Not sure what your undertone is? No worries, we got you! Continue reading to find out!

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