Starter Package Body Jewelry – Build your Own

Starter Package Builder

Purchasing for your store has been taken to another level with our “Build Your Own” Starter Packs! Receive an additional 10% off from our regular pricing when you choose your favorite packages and assemble your very own custom display. HBJ has a large number of ready-to-sell display boards, select the ones you like and you’re ready to go! It’s quick and easy, don’t miss out on the extra savings. Take advantage today!

Steps to Build The Starter Package:

1. Sign in and go to the ‘Starter Package’ page in the Special Deals section.


2. Select a display and drag your selection into the Builder Screen. “*When using the Firefox browser, the Zoom option must be “Off” in order to add a package by dragging the image into the Builder Screen”


3. The Builder Screen will show the display you have selected. Select and drag the packages you want included with your display into the Builder Screen.


TIP: There are options on the Builder Screen that may aid in your order process.. Please review the options for the Starter Package Builder listed below.

img-package-builder-04A. Zoom Option: 
If you turn on the Zoom option, you will be able to see and expanded item image by hovering over the item.

B. Check / Remove Items: 
If you added the wrong items or need to change an item in the package list, you can check the item and remove it from the package list.

C. Reset Builder Screen: 
Also, you can reset the your entire screen to start over. Just click the ‘Reset Builder’ button to empty your Builder Screen.







5. Once you are finished, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the bottom of the Builder Screen and check your‘Shopping Cart’ to ensure that the order has been updated.




Spikes Jewelry Starter Pack – Hollywood Body Jewelry

starterpack2Spikes Starter Pack is available not just with best selling HBJ body jewelry, but also for the best selling Spikes steel jewelry – such as the very popular rings. Choose from biker styles to engagement/wedding band rings, titanium or stainless steel. All starter packs come individually packaged inside the clam shells and includes a tray to display them. No assembly required, start selling right out of the box.


Starter Package Body Jewelry Available

Can’t decide on which sizes, or styles of Body Jewelry to showcase at your shop? Hollywood Body Jewelry are now offering Starter Package for body jewelry so you don’t have to worry about which body jewelry to start with, HBJ chooses the most trendiest, best selling body jewelry for you in all different sizes, colors, sizes, and the best part is that it’s available to you at a very low price. Starter Packs are available in navel rings, tongue barbells, nose rings, and septum jewelrys, and they come packaged and include a tray to display them. Click on the image below to check out the starter packs available to you on the HBJ website.

starterpackagebodyjewelryNew items, coupons and special deals are also available on the HBJ website, coupon and specials deals are only available for a limited time!