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Necklaces/Chains & Pendants

Hollywoodbodyjewelry has all your Stainless Steel jewelry at a very low Wholesale prices. Our necklaces and chains are quite a show stopper. Exclusive designs in simple and shiny steel, gold, or black colors are just the beginnings. With mixture of modern style and colors that screams vivid, we now carry a complete collection of necklaces and chains to fit anybody’s style with ease. Don’t forget our unique and exclusive pendants are finally brought to you in enticingly assorted package. Carefully chosen only from from our best-selling and quality proven pendants in stock. Our Necklaces/Chains & Pendants are offered in 316L Stainless SteelsTitanium, and also Ion Plated. If you own a retail, shop, or sell online, make sure to visit Hollywoodbodyjewelry.com are all your Jewelry needs.


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Extended Discount Promotion til end of December

extendedDue to the success of the coupon code, HOLIDAY15, and the request being made by customers, Hollywood Body jewelry decided to extend the use of the holiday coupon code til the end of this year. So for those that missed out, looks like Christmas came early this year, because you have till the end of December to go crazy and apply it to your order as many times as you wish. Probably the only time you will be receiving this much discount per order and the only time you will see Hollywood Body Jewelry to hand out coupon codes.

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Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More!!

Retailers understand the importance of selling high quality jewelry to customers. Body jewelry such as spirals, plugs, and navel rings are extremely popular items sold at brick-and-mortar and online stores. Of course, piercing shops and tattoo parlors want to buy body jewelry at wholesale prices to ensure making a profit from customers. When customers enter your shop, they want to see an excellent selection of body jewelry that reflects their personality. Many customers think carefully before making a body jewelry purchase because it is an important part of their aesthetics. At the same time, anyone considering a body piercing is concerned about avoiding infections to protect their health.

Professional hands making a piercing hole to a fashion woman

Avoid Reactions

There are no strict federal or state guidelines concerning body jewelry. It is up to the consumer to learn about jewelry safety to avoid health problems before getting a piercing. Retail establishments must understand the importance of selling high quality jewelry to maintain a great reputation with customers. The individuals who enjoy getting a body piercing tend to communicate with each other about good and bad experiences. Retailers stocking body jewelry and individuals who provide piercing procedures must find well-made jewelry products to keep customers happy. Customers who get a body piercing that leads to an allergic reaction or infection will complain to their friends, leading to a loss of business.

Durable Materials

After getting a body piercing, an individual must wear the jewelry for several weeks as the wound heals. Jewelry used for body piercings must contain durable metals that are resistant to deterioration from chemicals. Customers receiving a new piercing will need to apply sanitizing substances, such as rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, to keep the site clean. The materials contained in the jewelry items must never interact or corrode with these cleaning substances. In addition, jewelry should be heat- and acid-resistant to avoid interactions that are damaging to an individual’s body. Companies and dealers should understand the importance of selling high quality jewelry to retail establishments and piercing artists to prevent people from having uncomfortable reactions.