Piercing during the Summer???

shutterstock_108129284Monroe Piercing and TattooIt’s Summer, also the most busiest time of the year for Tattoo & Piercing shops. Who doesn’t want to look great, show off the new body modifications, or even get one done during summer. Now the question everyone has been wondering Winter or Summer? There’s nothing wrong getting them done during summer, but not the smartest thing to do if you want to fully enjoy your summer. Piercings are an open wound, and for it to be fully healed and not get infected, they need to be taken care off properly and daily. The less exposure your skin gets from the sun, the better off your tattoos and piercings will heal. Environments and activities where you may not have access to a clean shower twice a day or are  more likely to introduce dust, dirt, sand, sun block, sweat, lake water, ocean water are just going to increase the chance of infection or other problems. Piercings and tattoos are expensive and they need to be cared for and treated accordingly. Take care of your investment; you are going to have it for the rest of your life.

Did you know: Fall is the least busiest for a lot of Tattoo & Piercing Shops



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