Get to know your Stainless Steel Jewelry


Stainless steel jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the changing tastes and style trends that lean toward a more stylish look. Commonly used in a variety of industrial applications, stainless steel has found its way to fashion! Stainless steel can be found in everything from necklaces to earrings. Invented by Harry Brearley of the Brown & Firth Research Lab in 1913. Today, Stainless Steel jewelry is a favorite of both men and women that wants to add more to stylish look, street look, or even the classier look.  Stainless Steel has become increasingly popular also in body jewelry also. You can find almost everything in stainless steel from nose jewelry, ear, navel, tongue, and a lot more.


Due to the highly trending body jewelry, please beware of shops that are selling so-called “body jewelry”. Even if they have the best intentions, these store owners are not body piercing experts and many times purchase low-grade jewelry because they are popular and a quick-sell. Some of them might even claim to be 316L steel, but these items are often mass-produced by machines, not inspected for imperfections and potentially harmful. There is a reason these jewelry items are so inexpensive – high quality body jewelry costs more because better materials and quality workmanship are used to produce them. Don’t be fooled by imitators or lower prices.