Finding a reputable Piercing Studio


Many people will take there time to find the perfect artist for tattoos, but would just walk into any Tattoo/Piercing studio and let them stick a needle to get their piercings. A lot of people do not realize that finding a quality piercer is just as important as you would to be finding a reputable tattoo artist. Were talking about someone who will perform to pierce your body with an open wound, and if that is done wrong, things could get messy. Some simple steps to finding a reputable Piercing Studio is by going on yelp, and looking through reviews left by customers. Another way is to go on the APP website, and checkout which piercing studios are approved by APP.  Just like how a tattoo artist would have a portfolio of the work they have done upon request, piercers have them also. So if your taking your young ones to get the ear paris od

shutterstock_135455618Did you know getting your ears pierced with a gun has a higher chance of getting your ears infected, and a chance of blowing out your ears.