What is Henna? Are they safe?

face henna tattoo with body jewelry

Henna is a paste made out of crushed leaves and twigs of henna. It can also be made from dried leaves of the plant by mixing it with hot water. Henna originally comes from a plant that is found and grown in South Asian and North African countries. It is used since ancient time to color skin, hair, fingernails, etc. The name Henna is also used for dye or paste derived from the leaves of the plant, and for the art of temporary tattooing from those paste. Typically Henna lasts up to 1-3 weeks depending on the persons skin and how much you wash that specific part where the Henna is applied. Henna is completely safe as long natural henna plant is being used. Always make sure you get proper information regarding it’s origin and contains.

henna tattoo on hand


Mehndi is a term used for application of henna as a temporary skin decoration in South Asia as well as India. The art of mehndi has been a long-standing tradition stemming from many ancient cultures but is mostly known today for its history and prevelance in India.


full hand henna tattoo