Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium Body Jewelry

Ever wondered your at a Piercing shop, or shopping online and your not too sure on what Titanium body jewelry is, and how safe they are? Well, Titanium body jewelry is the best of metals used for body jewelry, it is 100% compatible with the human body, not producing allergic reactions, skin irritations, or discoloration of any sort, making it a very popular metal for those with sensitive skin. Titanium body jewelry also weighs a lot less than 316L surgical/stainless steel, which makes it very beneficial for initial piercings. Titanium is extremely durable g23despite its light weight, and widely used in the aerospace industry all over the world.


Titanium Body jewelry is often manufactured in either commercially pure grades 1 to 5 or grade 23. Unlike some other Wholesalers on the market we sell grade 5 and grade 23 titanium which is the most suitable for body piercings. Because of its virtually ‘Nickel Free’ content, its resistance to everyday wear is superior, and will retain its form for a lifetime. Titanium can be sterilized in an autoclave. It can also be anodized to create a layer of colored oxide on the surface. Common colors are yellow, blue, purple, green, and rainbow.

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Titanium Body Jewelry

Grade 23 Solid Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium Body JewelryTitanium has become the metal of choice in the body jewelry industry because of its superior machinability, lighter weight, and its hypoallergenic properties. Titanium is the ideal material for individuals sensitive to other materials.

Titanium Barbells by Hollywood Body Jewelry

Titanium can be polished to a high luster resembling that of 316L implant grade stainless steel. Titanium body jewelry can also have color added through the electrolytic passivation, also known as anodizing. Anodizing is a process whereby an electrical current is passed through the metal, which then builds oxides on the surface of the metal. When light is refracted through this oxidized film, a wide spectrum of vivid metallic colors are seen.

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