Everything you need to know about Tragus Piercing


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The tragus is a small piece of cartilage that sits out slightly from the face in front of the ear canal and partially covers the ear opening. When the tragus is pierced, it is punctured with a needle and a piece of jewelry is placed in the hole.

Tragus is generally pierced with a 18G needle and so does most of the Piercing studios.

92b6829a8a52353a331bb7c034156cbeIs it Painful?

If you ask, any Piercer or someone who has gotten there tragus pierced, they will tell you that it is one of the most painful piercings. Although there are no nerve endings in the tragus, as the piercer applies pressure to puncture the thick cartilage, the amount of discomfort or pain is comparatively more than any other forms of piercing. The pain is temporary and lasts for about a minute or two. You may also experience some discomfort and pain when the jewelry is inserted into the hole.

After the initial pain has worn off, the surrounding area will be sore for some days. Individuals will need to sleep on their other side and take care to avoid snagging clothing or towels on the new jewelry.

Healing and Care of Your New Piercing

Tragus piercings usually takes two to four months to heal. It is normal for this much time to pass before you can sleep easily with your new piercing. Complete healing along with no sensitivity can take about a year.

After your piercing, clean the site every day.

  • Use a disinfectant.
  • Avoid touching your new piercing.
  • Change your pillow covers every other day.
  • Wear buttoned shirts to avoid snagging pullovers on your new jewelry.

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Tragus Piercing – What type of jewelry are formal?

bn-20150309-labret-04The “Tragus” is referred as the oval small cartilage flap which is located right outside the ear canal. Piercings made to this portion of the ear are commonly referred to as Tragus Piercings. Even though, the lobes have remained a popular choice among people to flash those pieces of jewellery and ear piercings but, the trend has changed a lot these days. Tragus piercing has come out as a popular choice for people who are extremely fashion conscious and willing to try different things to maintain a look that is unique and quite distinguishable from others

  • Studs: Studs offer a unique, sophisticated look and perfect for people who wish to maintain a sense of professionalism along with equal focus on style and fashion.
    Tragus Barbells
  • Rings: These are the preferred choice of most people as they offer a huge range of styles to select from which include beaded rings, barbell rings, segment rings and more.

Horseshoes and Captive Bead Rings

  • Barbells : Barbells are perfect for people who wish to showcase the wild side of their nature. These exotic adornments come in different designs and patterns ready to provide that catchy look.

ferido barbells