The Valley Piercing – Not your average piercing

Now a lot of people are wondering what in the world is a “Valley Piercing”? Well “valley piercing” is a surface piercing of the lower back that lies right above the tailbone. They are also called the “butt crack piercing,” by others who try to be funny, but it is actually another name for that type of piercing.


Valley Piercing by Hollywood Body Jewelry


As an alternative to the traditional surface piercing, some choose to get dermal piercings in the area instead. Valley piercings are usually worn with surface bars, although flexible PTFE bars are another favorite for the clients getting them done. Valley piercings are usually performed with either a single hollow or two hollow piercing needles, or the dermal punch technique, depending on the clients preference and the piercers. Valley piercings can be difficult to clean and take care of, and due to their location the risk of migration or rejection is higher.


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Generally these are worn as either a movable barbell or a dermal. If you own a Tattoo Shop, or sell online, etc – Head over to Hollywood Body Jewelry to check out hundreds of body jewelry and stainless steel jewelry.