What is Neck piercing aka Vampire bites



A neck piercing is one of the many different types of surface piercings that are quite popular, it is done to make it look like a bite on the side of a person’s neck. Common body jewelry used for this particular piercing would be a Surface bar. A bar is placed in the skin of the side of the neck. When the jewelry is taken out it looks like a vampire bite, hence why others call it the vampire bite.


Neck Piercing Body Jewelry


Neck piercing is done through the loose flesh on the back of the neck and is also called a nape piercing. They carry a high rate of rejection and migration, unless they are properly measured and placed. They may reject if they are not pierced properly, as they are in a part of the body that moves constantly and are easy to irritate, catching on clothing or other objects. You can cover them with a band-aid, but surface piercing is an open wound, and they do need air to breathe, so keeping it covered for a long period of time wouldn’t be the best idea.

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