Christmas Body Jewelry Collection December 2016

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Xmas Collection

Finally we are at the Holiday season with all the winter scents around and the cold fresh breeze.

Most people celebrate the holiday with their family, setting around the food table eating, chatting and laughing. To some families getting creative or stylish is a must, and therefore some families create a theme on each and every holiday to add more joy to this happy season.

Everyone should approach this season with the right style, and we want to give you the style that you are looking for.

To satisfy everyone needs, we at Hollywood Body Jewelry promise to bring you the hottest and freshest trends in the market. Check out our holiday’s section with the newest Christmas trends including belly button rings, earrings and much more.

Check out the full collection in here:

Extended Discount Promotion til end of December

extendedDue to the success of the coupon code, HOLIDAY15, and the request being made by customers, Hollywood Body jewelry decided to extend the use of the holiday coupon code til the end of this year. So for those that missed out, looks like Christmas came early this year, because you have till the end of December to go crazy and apply it to your order as many times as you wish. Probably the only time you will be receiving this much discount per order and the only time you will see Hollywood Body Jewelry to hand out coupon codes.

New items have been going up on the HBJ website daily, so don’t forget to click on the NEW ARRIVALS to check them out.


Semi-precious stone body jewelrys – Crystal Healing

Semi Precious Stone Jewelry by Hollywood Body JewelrySemi-Precious stone Body Jewelry

Semi-precious stone body jewelry’s are Mother Nature approved! These superb quality natural stone ear plugs are crafted from the finest natural stone and expertly carved and polished to perfection. Each piece is unique making these natural stone plugs so appealing. Available in many different stone types, and some that have healing qualities in the art of crystal healing. Perfect for anyone who is allergic to Nickel, or any type of metal, semi-precious stone will not likely cause any kind of irritation that other materials can often cause, or allergic reactions, making it both attractive and comfortable to wear.

Be sure to check out Hollywood Body Jewelry, for all your Organic Semi Precious stone body jewelry – Wholesale Only