What the Funk?! Ear Funk?

If you have your ears stretched over 4g and your wondering what the funk is that smell coming from my ear, do not panic and stay calm. Basically it is a common problem for those with stretched ears. It comes from the build up of dead skin cells/bacteria that are trapped on the inside of your plugs causing it to smell. Most of the dust in your own home is actually from dead skin cells that shed off of your body, and it is the same with your stretched ears. When you keep your plugs on for several days, take them out to wash them they can be very awful, so it is always better to have them washed/cleaned daily. While your taking a shower, remove them, and wash them, or if you want, you can always invest in Organic plugs. Organic plugs can be pricey, but they are organic, and Organic plugs are porous so they can soak up all of that ear goo funk and keep your ears dry and smelling fresh (But do take care of them)!


There are some products out there online that do help remove that nasty ear funk. Funk-Off or Smelly Gelly are some that help. So go to the bathroom, remove your plugs and wash them and pat them dry! If your local piercing shop don’t have them, let them know to head over to Holl