Whats your Zodiac Sign?? – Navel Rings


What is the Zodiac? 

The zodiac is divided into 12 signs, each 30 degrees long that are centered upon the ecliptic. This circle also happens to be the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The zodiac is a thin band of the sky on either side of the ecliptic. The word “zodiac” literally means “circle of life”, since most of the zodiac signs are animals or people.

 The new year is almost here, and who doesn’t want to know how 2016 will be like. Below are the predictions for each zodiac signs for 2016!

Aries : commitment, much effort will be required of you this year. You have to really face many challenges, but you will definitely win in every sense. Attention to physical exhaustion and then rest a while.

Taurus : thanks in trine to Jupiter sign virgo, the first part of 2016 will still be good for the job and for the love.

Gemini : Jupiter and Saturn in opposition not positive in the sign Sagittarius are not ideal for you. Year complex.

Cancer : finally the sextile Jupiter brings some serene, peace, want to do so many things. Good luck in general.

Leo : Saturn will look very good but asks commitment and sacrifices to deserve what you want. Nothing will be given and then get busy and the results will come and will also be many.

Virgo : great time for you to start new life paths, new jobs to find a new love if you are alone. This year will be a very promising but attention to Saturn in quadrature. Heal your health.

Libra : you have to wait for the second half of 2016 to enjoy the benefits of Jupiter will enter your sign. Meanwhile, go on as usual.

Scorpio : for a few months Jupiter will look good and enables you to get moderate success and break new ground in love and work.

Sagittarius : Saturn in your sign, unfortunately, will be a very stressful year, heavy, full of commitments that often do not know face. Be strong.

Capricorn : this year promises to you not very favorable in the second half but will not even that bad. Let’s say that you will not receive almost nothing by fate and then get busy in the first six, seven months.

Aquarius : Saturn in sagittarius gives you strength and will to fight and you will be like rocks. Do not give it up ever in front of adversity.

Pisces : squaring Saturn continues throughout 2016 and Jupiter opposite sign virgin certainly does not help. The second half of the year will be better.