Toe Rings during the Summertime…

Toe Rings

Toe RingsToe rings, also known as Bichiya, are definitely one of the most popular accessories for the summer time alongside the navel rings. Toe rings are commonly made out of gold and silver and come in assorted designs. Toe rings are usually worn with sandals and flip-flops and sometimes complimented with accessories such as the foot chains. Toe rings should rest above the knuckle and just below the pad of the toe, not all the way down to the base of the toe.


Toe rings originated from India, and it holds a strong social symbolism to married women in India. A toe ring worn on the second toe of the left foot symbolizes marriage, similar to the western culture of the wedding band worn on the fourth finger on the left hand. Men also wear toe rings to symbolize strength and masculinity. It is common to see toe rings on multiple toes. The toe rings were first introduced to the US after Marjorie Borell returned from a trip in India, where she began to manufacture them in New York. Shortly thereafter, the toe rings became an instant fashion trend.


10KT. Gold Solitaire CZ Toering .925 Sterling Silver Toering with CZ

Toe rings do not require painful piercings or special care, but they still can let your toes shine! See our wide selection of Toe Rings at Hollywood Body Jewelry.

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