What is a Vertical Lobe Piercing

A vertical lobe piercing is a piercing, usually using a straight barbell, travelling from the top of the lobe down and exiting at the bottom of the lobe. Basically a transverse lobe piercing turned 90 degrees.


A vertical lobe is a difficult piercing to have done. Much like any cartilage piercings, this takes at least 6-8 months to heal, depending on how the person’s body reacts to the piercing, and the dedication to cleaning it. For at least several days, there is a good chance of bruising. Sea salt soaks are the method for proper healing, also after it has been fully healed.

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Initial jewelry: Straight barbells in 14 to 12 gauge and 1/8″ longer than the width of the piercing to allow for swelling and cleaning. Most earlobes are not thick enough to support jewelry larger than 14 or 12 gauge.




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