What is a Madison piercing – Collar Bone piercing

madison piercing

Collar bone piercing is an surface piercing, also often referred to as a Madison. The name comes from the first well-known person to wear this piercing – adult film starlet, Madison Stone. It’s positioned right above the sternum. Madison piercing has a very high rejection rate, due to the body’s natural movements. No matter how much you take care of the piercing, very few of them ever heal completely. A Madison is done horizontally by using a small curved barbell, surface bar, CBR, or a circular barbell. However, anything but a surface bar that is used on the piercing has a greater chance at rejection. Healing time for an Madison piercing can take months, or it may never heal at all. Even Madison Stone herself lost the piercing many years ago, and hasn’t bothered to have it pierced again.

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