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smile piercings

What is a smiley piercing? What jewelry is used, how to take care of it? A smiley piercing is done to the inside of the upper lip frenulum. The frenulum is right in the middle of the inside upper lip, and is a very thin piece of skin that stretches from the lip and attaches to the skin of the upper gum. It’s a very similar to the hand web piercing that is done between your thumb and the index finger. The reason it’s called a smiley piercing is because whatever jewelry you wear, whether it be a captive bead ring or a barbell, the piercing is not usually seen unless you give a big friendly smile on your face. Since the piercing and the piece of jewelry are tucked quite high up under the inside of the upper lip, it’s only seen when you grin widely or a big friendly smile.


Horseshoes and Captive Bead Rings

The smiley piercing is catching on as one of the more exotic and interesting type for a facial piercing. Although there are some risks that follows any type of piercings, but as long as you take great care of them (as you would on a tongue piercing), you don’t have to be worrying so much. Always get it done Professionally and seek for Professional help when needed. Are you a Piercing Shop? Retail? Online Shop? Head over to Hollywood Body Jewelry for all your body jewelry need and stainless steel jewelry.


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