What is TISTEN?

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Today’s topic: Exploring titanium and tungsten for body & fashion jewelry and what is produced when the 2 elements are combined.

Titanium + Tungsten = TISTEN. Exclusively available at Hollywood Body Jewelry, a line of rings developed and patented by SPIKES takes the best traits of the most popular alloys in the current market and combines them into one super material! Don’t be late with the trends, get ahead of the curve and order these new products for your shop today!

First, lets explore titanium and tungsten to get a better understanding of what TISTEN really is.


TITANIUM: This hypoallergenic metal is perfect for jewelry. Titanium has been popular in jewelry design because of its durability and scratch resistance, as well as its luster and light weight. Spikes Steel Jewelry has an extensive line of wholesale titanium rings available at affordable prices, including couple rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands. In addition, titanium provides a popular alternative to stainless steel for body piercing jewelry. Piercers especially like using titanium for initial piercings because the innate properties of titanium cause less complications and rejections during the healing process. Titanium is lightweight and hypoallergenic, and its paramagnetism makes it safe to wear during medical procedures like MRIs. Shop at Hollywood Body Jewelry for all the hottest styles.


TUNGSTEN: Nearly indestructible, our tungsten carbide jewelry is perfect for everyday wear. Comparable to other precious metals, such as white gold and platinum, tungsten carbide is stronger, yet much more affordable. The material makes the jewelry scratch and fade resistant. Find women’s and men’s rings and bracelets in one of the toughest metals in the wholesale jewelry industry.

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TISTEN: The inspiration for TISTEN was derived from two of the most popular ring types available today, tungsten and titanium. Both are used extensively in the jewelry industry, and they have long been praised for their durability, attractiveness, and low cost compared to other precious metals. Tungsten is the element with the highest density, so you are guaranteed a tough product that can last a near lifetime. The jack-of-all-trades titanium is a fixture in several notable fields, such as medicine and aerospace engineering, and it is rapidly gaining popularity in the jewelry industry as well. Its light weight, luster, and permanence provided consumers with everything you can ask for from a ring.

Affordability without taking any shortcuts is what TISTEN is all about. The best quality material available in the jewelry market combined with the unbeatable pricing we offer is a reflection of what Hollywood Body Jewelry is all about. Come visit us today!

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