Whats Trending: Military look for 2015!


Military look has always been in style since the 80’s, majority being Hip Hop artists and fans wearing camo cargo pants, Timberland boots, with long dog tag chains, but the look took by storm when you saw a lot of military influenced look for S/S 2015, from Balmain to Gucci at the International runways and it looks like the new trend for 2015.  That doesn’t mean you have to dress looking like Rambo, unless your going to a costume party, and of course an accessory is a must to go with your look. Like they said, a piece of accessory can be the final touch for an complete trendy look. For example a simple dog tag pendant or a camouflage ring like the picture below, or for the younger generations like belly rings or other piercings.


Also the Nautical style has always been in Trend, especially during Summer.

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